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Identify Web Elements using Selenium Xpath Locator

As we all know, Web elements are present diversely (Dropdown, Check Box, Text Box, Radio Button, etc.) in a Web page. And locators are our saviours, right from helping us identify a Web element uniquely within the page to enunciate its HTML properties and informing Selenium about the action to be performed. For example, the Dropdown mandatory field “Highest Qualification” is not with Select Class in the Web page. It is difficult to find the Web element for that field. To resolve this, one may use Xpath Locator and find the element for the “Highest Qualification” field. Also they should try to select the Dropdown field value “Masters” making use of the Action Class. You can find the script but in that, using the Action Class to find the element for the mandatory “Highest Qualification” field will not be fruitful. You may have to apply the Contains text method to find out the element for the Xpath. Identifying Web elements is always a sensitive area and mandates a pr
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Importance of Digital Marketing in today's business

For running a business in a profitable manner, it is necessary to consider various enabling factors. One may need a methodology to promote or generate brand awareness to reach the right targeted audience. If the methodology involves promoting the business in many different forms of digital media which is where people spend most of their time then that is Digital Marketing. To implement digital marketing, one should have a very strong strategy. To create a strong strategy, one should examine all digital marketing channels like search engines, social media, email and online advertising platforms and select the most appropriate platforms to promote one’s business. How many customers can one engage, for how long and the actual outcome will determine the success of the business’s digital marketing campaign.   The best manner to determine the success of your business digital marketing activities is to calculate the return on investment. Keep a tab on what you spend versus

Manual Testing Vs Automated Testing

Software testing is done to ensure a defect free application while meeting all the requirements in terms of quality, functionalities and performance as laid in the SLA. However, as the testing parameters get complex software testing gets tougher and challenging. Accurately deciding the testing option, whether Manual or Automated, is easier said than done. Let’s see what they offer. In manual testing, test cases are executed manually without any support from tools or scripts. It is a process in which the software’s features and functionalities are tried like an end user to find whether it meet the goals. On the other hand, Automated testing is executed with the help of software tools, scripts and is performed by repeating pre-defined actions. It is more reliable with high degree of accuracy compared to manual testing.  You can execute test cases significantly faster as multiple tests can be run in parallel, made possible by distributing test cases across different machines.